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Baltimore Locksmith offers fast response times and affordable prices to get you back inside or help you design a custom lock plan. Our team has years of experience working with residential and commercial property owners across Baltimore, and we’re excited to build the right solutions for your home or business. We provide vehicle locksmithing, rekeying, commercial lock and key services, and other solutions to keep you safe and on the move. The technicians at Baltimore Locksmith work around the clock, so you’re never stranded or worried about personal safety. Talk to us about what we can do for you now or explore your options by talking to someone from our team. When you need fast locksmith support, Baltimore Locksmith is your best option!

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Emergency Locksmith Support

Get the fastest locksmith response anywhere in Baltimore from our expert locksmiths. We’re a local company that can be to you quickly to get you back in your car or open a jammed lock at home. We work 24/7 to guarantee you’re never waiting long before help arrives. We have specialized tools and years of experience to make work of any jammed or broken lock. Complex locks are also no issue, and we’ll have you back inside before you know it. We also go to great lengths to make sure you’re paying a fair price. No one wants to pay an escalated price in an emergency. We deliver the best possible value to give you peace of mind. 

Residential Locksmith

Baltimore Locksmith is the leading local locksmith service provider. We offer homeowners across the city and state the latest in lock technology at the best prices. Our team can be there in a flash to open any door or lock in greater Mount Vernon. If you break your key in a lock or an older lock is giving you trouble, we can get it back in shape to deliver seamless performance throughout the year. 


Talk to us about modern locks and how they offer increased security and better performance. If you’re buying a new house or recently moved into a new home, replacing locks and keys is a good idea. It’s an ideal way to control how many people have keys to your house to give you increased security while you’re at home or away. We work with individual homeowners, landlords, and property developers on lock installation and lock repair in greater Baltimore, and we’re excited to see how we can help you! Get in touch with us to discover why we’re the leading locksmith in the state!

Commercial Locksmith

As a local company in Baltimore, we know how important premises security is. Protecting your business is our priority, and we go to great lengths to help companies secure inventory, employees, customers, and other valuables. When you’re not at work, you need to know your business is safe. Good locks also facilitate fast and efficient business operations. We can recommend high-quality lock and key solutions to help your company run smoothly and safely. Our team of expert locksmiths in Mount Vernon can also advise you on an effective key management system to keep track of who has access to every part of your property.

Car Locksmith

Modern cars often have complicated key fobs that require an experienced professional. We can open your car door or make you new keys to keep you on the road. Our locksmiths know their way around any make or model, and we can typically get to you in less than an hour to get your door open and help you on your way. When you need help with your vehicle locks, you can rely on Baltimore Locksmith!

Dedicated to Quality & Excellent Customer Service

At Baltimore Locksmith, we want each of our customers in Mount Vernon to have the best customer experience. So let us eliminate the stress of getting locked out or wondering where those spare keys are floating around. Whether you’re out having fun on the weekend and lose your car keys, or you need to improve security for your warehouse, we can be there quickly with solutions that work. 

For years now, our attention to detail has made the difference. As a result, we’re the preferred locksmith in greater Baltimore, and our customers know that they can count on us day or night. We can handle any lock issue, large or small, and we’ll be there helping with the friendly customer service you expect. 

Let us help you with emergency locksmith services or talk to us about ways to improve property security. Get the keys and locks you need to feel safe and at ease. We also offer the latest in smart lock technology to help you monitor your home or business from anywhere. Smart locks are a great choice in many cases because they deliver better access control features. 

If you need to get a lock open, fix a broken lock, or install new locks, call the team at Baltimore Locksmith and schedule an appointment today!

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